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Exhibition Review in Eyeline 85

Exhibition review: Arryn Snowball: House of Breath, Caboolture Regional Art Gallery

Eyeline Contemporary Visual Arts Magazine issue 85

by Jonathan McBurnie

"House of Breath, the first survey of works by Arryn Snowball, comprises of a gracefully bookended decade of the artist’s output. The exhibition is served well with a considered hang and breathing space, and makes a compelling argument for more exhibitions of artists of Snowball’s generation, who have survived and are approaching artistic maturity. Taking the title from a William Goyen novel, itself a paean to love, yearning, loss, and a sense of home, House of Breath charts a narrative, by proxy, of Snowball’s own life. There are no literal readings to be had here, other than to say that the exhibition is the culmination of a decade of the artist’s life, and all that suggests... "

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