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Arryn Snowball

Arryn Snowball has held solo exhibitions in Brisbane, Berlin, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. His work has been included in group exhibitions in Australia, Europe  and Japan.  A survey exhibition of Snowball’s work was held at the Caboolture Art Gallery, Queensland in 2016. He has participated in the broader arts community through lecturing, forums, critical writing, artist run projects and collaborations. He has a Doctorate of Visual Arts from the Queensland College of Art, where he taught painting from 2005-2012. His awards include the Melville Haysom Memorial Art Scholarship, from the Queensland Art Gallery (2004), a year in residence at the Tokyo National School of Art and Music (2008), the Australia Council's residency in Rome (2013). Snowball’s work is held in the collections of the National Gallery of Australia and Artbank, as well as regional and university collections. Currently he divides his time between Australia and Berlin.


email: arryn.snowball(at)

instagram: @arrynsnowball

Represented by:

Nicholas Thompson Galley Melbourne

Nancy Sever Gallery Canberra

Jan Manton Gallery Brisbane

​Solo Exhibitions 


2020            Moon Spill, ProxiProjects, Berlin.

2019            Night Fishing, Artscape, Luxembourg.

                    Mobbed by Clouds, Nancy Sever Gallery, Canberra.

2018            Slack Water, Sydney Contemporary, Sydney.

2017            Mammoth, Museum of Brisbane, Brisbane.

                    Square Sun, Nancy Sever Gallery, Canberra.

2016            Arryn Snowball: House of Breath, survey exhibition, Caboolture Regional Art Gallery, Caboolture.

                    Continuum, Nicholas Thompson Gallery, Melbourne.

2014            House of Breath, Heiser Gallery, Brisbane.

                    Spinning in the pull of absent things, Nancy Sever Gallery, Canberra.

2012            Light possesses light, Canberra Contemporary Art Space.

                    Slow Dance, GallerySmith, Melbourne.

2011            Undone, Heiser Gallery, Brisbane.

                    All promises lead back to the sea, Gallery Smith, Melbourne.

                    Things and Nothings, Pop Gallery and Whitebox, Brisbane.

2009            Recent Works, Heiser Gallery, Brisbane.

2007            6 Paintings, Metro Arts, Melbourne.

                     Boutwell Draper Gallery, Sydney.

                     New Works, Heiser Gallery, Brisbane.

2006            Defer, Esa Jaske Gallery, Sydney.

2005            Recent Works, Esa Jaske Gallery, Sydney.

                    Recent Works, Heiser Gallery, Brisbane.

2004            Painting Divergence, Soapbox Gallery, Brisbane.

                    Dissolution, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane.

                    Indeterminate, Esa Jaske Gallery, Sydney.

2003            Steam, Soapbox Gallery, Brisbane.

                   Trace, Starter Space, Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane.

Selected Group Exhibitions   


2019            Double Negative, Darling Green, New York.

                     Berlin Dreaming, Michael Reid Gallery, Berlin.

2018            Ligne de Flottaison: Miles Hall and Arryn Snowball, Château d' Assas,Le Vigan.

2017            The Last Grass, Rachel Carson Centre, Munich.

                     Of Structure and Freedom, Umbrella Contemporary Arts, Townsville.

                     Three Unclaimed Gestures, Art One on One, Cologne.                       

                     ZEPEDRO with Arryn Snowball, Gerichtshöfe, Berlin.

2015            Light Play: Ideas, Optics, Atmosphere, UQ Art Museum.

2014            Lange Nacht in den Gerichthofen, Gerrichthof, Berlin.

                     15 Artists Retrospective Exhibition, Pine Rivers Art Gallery.

                     Conflict: Contemporary responses to war, UQ Art Museum.

2013            The Art of Sound, Caboolture Art Gallery.

                     Special Moves, MOP Gallery, Sydney.

                     Ides of March, The British School at Rome, Rome.

                     Drawing a Line, Caboolture Art Gallery.

2012            OpenClosed: Lincoln Austin, Sean Phillips, Arryn Snowball, QUT Art Museum.

                     10 Years of Things, UQ Art Museum.

                     Interstate Romance, Pseudo Space, Sydney.

                     Promise Program, Metro Arts.

2011             Four Points in Time, Project Gallery, QCA, Brisbane.

                     The Kids are Alright, Paper Mill Gallery, Sydney.

                     Citizen Collectors, Newcastle Regional Art Gallery.

2010            New 2010: Selected Recent Acquisitions, UQ Art Museum.

                     Babel Projekt, Woodford, Folk Festival, Qld.

                     Here and There, Slot Gallery, Sydney.

2009            New Order, Redcliffe City Art Gallery, Redcliffe.

2008            Takuro Usui Firoz Muhmud Arryn Snowball, Tokyo National University of Art and Music, Japan.

                     Kiryu Saen 14, Kiryu, Japan.

                     Gifted: New to the Griffith University Collection, Dell Gallery, Brisbane.

2007            Arc Biennial: To be Confirmed, QUT Art Museum, Brisbane.

2006            Inter Image, Art Encounters; Contemporary Japan and Australia,

                                    Aug – Queensland College of Art, Brisbane.

                                    Dec – Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Tokyo.

                     The Year in Art, S.H. Ervin Gallery, Sydney.

                     Colonial to Contemporary, Queensland College of Art 125 years,

                                    Dell gallery Griffith University, Brisbane.

2005             15 Artists, Redcliffe City Art Gallery, Redcliffe.

                      Re-positioning Photography, Idiosyncrasy: Painting and Photography,

                      Queensland Centre for Photography, Brisbane.                  

                      The Recent Past, QUT Art Museum, Brisbane.

                      Object/Subject, Museum of Brisbane.

                      Great Escapes, Lake Macquarie City Art Gallery.

2003             This is Love, Soapbox Gallery, Brisbane.

                      Straticulation, Soapbox Gallery, Brisbane.



Tertiary Education


2011              Doctorate of Visual Arts, QCA, Griffith University.

2002              Bachelor in Visual Arts with Honors (First Class)

                       Queensland College of Art, Griffith University.

Activities and Awards 

2016              RADF grant for experimental drawing workshops.

2015              Australia Council for the Arts grant for exhibition and monograph.  

2013              British School in Rome Artist Residency, 3 months.

2005-2012    Lecturer in Painting, Queensland College of Art, Griffith University.

2008-2011    Woodford Folk Festival Projects.

2009              Peel Island Artist Residency.

2008              Residency at Tokyo National University of Art and Music, 12 months.

2007              UNESCO ACCU Convention on Intangible Cultural Heritage, Japan.

2006              APA Scholarship.

2005              Winner, Redcliffe City Art Prize.

2003              Melville Haysom Scholarship and 6 month residency at the Queensland Art Gallery.
2003-2005    Museum Assistant, Queensland University of Technology Art Museum

1998-2002    Exhibitions Assistant, Soapbox Gallery ARI.




National Gallery of Australia, Artbank, Museum of Brisbane, Hawkesbury 1 Collection, M10 Collection, Queensland University of Technology, University of Queensland Art Museum, Griffith University, Maitland Regional Art Gallery, Redcliffe City, Art Gallery, Ipswich Art Gallery, CQ University, private collections.

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