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In this spill I want to make a map of all the things I think about in relation to art and aesthetics. Using images and text, collage and flow. let it be a mess to start with and evolve as it goes. Sometimes try to develop into rounded essays, sometimes leave as a collection of fragments. This will be like a collection of notebooks. Ideas that relate to my artwork, to painting and art in general, reviews and thoughts about exhibitions, art history, complex aesthetics, life and presence. I am excited by the format, that I can link ideas to each other, and to things outside this page. I can just keep adding, and refining if I wish. Creative research.

Time and duration in painting. Paintings are slower than photos it seams and some paintings are slower than others.

How does time exist within an artwork? what are the elements at play? I don't think it is based purely in the dynamics  of composition, line, form, symmetry etc. also in the indexical mark, the memory of the movement of the artist's hand. the brush or drip or whatever. . Also conceptually? semiotically? Subjectivity.

On Kawara, Date paintings.

Gerhard Richter, photo paintings.

Fra Angelico, Annunciation,

Jackson Pollock, blue poles.

keep adding over time.

My paintings ... Steam, sheet paintings, House of Breath

Gravity and weight in paintings, heavy or light.

Anselm Keifer, hamberger Barhnhof. with Hinnerk.

THe whole painting is heavy, materials are heavy. Lead. Burnt. worn. thick paint.

Images are heavy, bookcase filled with big heavy books. Made work of pile of lead books.

single point perspective in most paintings gives objects a ground to rest on, to sink into. Go back to check if anything is floating... photograph details.

vs Miro. ? Light. floating, no perspective. flatness of the field. weightless?

Rothko, floating. but heavy?

Surface and depth in painting. From the vanishing  distance to a shallow depth. to surface. and infinite again.

HOw deep is the painiting? Does it have multiple depths? coexisting? alternating? Scale of elements in the image, scale of brush marks, perspective, tone and colour,

Shallow depth of modernism.

about 30cm in pollock or rothko

mondrian 10cm

Minimalism gets very flat. Postmodern painting, returns to a cut up shallow depth. similar to Cubism. Contemporary painting? shallow depth again.

Process notes for paintings etc

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